Monday, September 19, 2016

How to Sponsor New App for a High School in Need

 If your college or company interested in helping high schools to thrive and get more students involved in volunteering and developing leadership skills help them launch the Student Life Club APP. Too many students do not know how that can get involved in clubs and this leads them to have a bad feeling about learning and completing high school. Your college or company get involved in this national cutting edge initiative to introduce more students to beneficial clubs and organizations at their school. Your college or company can reach out to the student clubs through the App. Having high school students more involved in their school clubs is one way to keep them coming every day and to pursue college or a trade school after their graduation. Get the app to raise money for your student organizations. Available in at the Android and Apple Store.  Find out more at Contact: Walter Pearson 301-377-2464

Monday, February 1, 2016

Test Taking Preparation Now

You Test Taking Preparation Now

In order to perform well on any test you must be organized and have a written plan of action. You must do these 5 thing:

1. Meet with your teacher to ask test prep questions 
2. Have a test preparation calendar 
3. Study five days before every test
4. Tell some what you have learned in preparation for the test.
5. Get a tutor early
6. Read each chapter more than once

I created a book to help students to get ready test. If you taking a college test, a test to become a police officer, hair stylist or into the military get the Seven Secrets of How to Study at