Friday, July 20, 2012

How to Find Money and Resources for Your School

One of the biggest challenges facing schools today is how to maintain an effective level of resources for teachers and students. This is the time to get creative and think of alternative ways to obtain resources. Often people and companies just need to know your needs and they will get involved. It’s important to have a mindset that the resources are available so that you will be an active participant in the effort to locate resources. If everyone in the school gets creative, you can identify resources all throughout the school year. Here are twelve things you can do to find money and resources. 1. Contact new companies that are coming into your town. They want to find a way to get connected to the community. 2. Get students who have graduated from your school and are working to purchase specific items. 3. Get time on a radio program to talk about your needs 4. Have a carnival involving the students and parents 5. Create a list and get sororities and fraternities to have a campaign to get supplies for your school 6. Organize a school wide car wash on a specific Saturday 7. Offer a certain item (i.e shirt, cup) at a school sports event and let the participants know that it is a fund raiser 8. Purchase the chronicle of Philanthropy. It list foundations and corporations who have given to school. 9. Don’t limit your search for funding to local corporations. Go after funds from large corporations 10. Write a proposal and a separate executive summary for funding that you can send out at any time. 11. Join a crowd funding network (i.e. that allows people from all walks of life to contribute to your needs 12. Use the internet to conduct your search for “free school resources.” The important aspect of getting these resources is active participation. You may have an alumni or PTA that will help you with your efforts. Ask others in your school to help to create a list of contacts who are ready to help your school. You will be surprised at who is really interested in helping schools to succeed. Know is the time to get started. To contact Dr. Stephen Jones visit or call 610-842-3843