Friday, August 24, 2012

7 Ways to get the Most out of College

Attending college is one of the best ways to grow intellectually, emotionally, socially and personally. As you take classes and listen to lectures look for opportunities to do a self-assessment. You should uncover how much you do or don’t know about a topic. Then ask yourself how does this knowledge apply to your life? Active engagement with the learning process will be tremendously rewarding. Take time to talk to your advisor ansd visit the career center to talk about your career plans. It can help you to maintain the motivation do your best work in all of your classes. One of the best things that you can do is get to know your instructors and visit him/her. Don’t allow yourself to get nervous and talk yourself out of visiting your professor. Your professors are full of knowledge that you need. Research the articles and books that they have written. You should also show up when they ask you to listen to a guest speaker. It will enable you to have another type of conversation with your instructor. Many instructors never have a visitor during their office hours. You can be the first to visit and get personal help from your instructor. Make it your goal to take full advantage of all that college life has to offer. Here are seven important ways to get the best out of college: 1. Talk to a faculty member about doing undergraduate research 2. Join a club and take on a leadership role 3. Learn another language so that you can function in a global economy 4. Go on an international studies experience 5. Volunteer to represent your university on a service learning trip 6. Attend a student conference in your major 7. Serve a as a mentor/tutor for other high school students You should work to develop new skills while you are in college. It is extremely important to develop good speaking skills. It will take you a long way. It is also important to increase the quality of your writing and reading skills. College professors and corporate professionals are looking for students who have good communication skills. College will pay when you are able to get the job that you desire. In addition take time to learn how to network. Get to know professors and administrators who are not teaching your curriculum. You will have many more people who are available to help you throughout your college experience. Networking is a good way to form study groups and to get tutoring when you need it. One of the best aspects of college life is all of the students that you meet who are from diverse backgrounds. You can get the most out of college by taking it as an adventure and an early preparation for your future. Dr. Stephen Jones is an author, keynote speaker and educator. His books are the Seven Secrets of How to Study, the Parent’s Ultimate Education Guide and the Ultimate Scholarship Guide. You can reach at