Thursday, August 26, 2010

Title I Essential for School Survival

For more than a generation Title I provided support for our nation’s economically challenged schools. This funding has enabled schools to expand resources and instruction for students who live in poverty. It also has as a target the transformation of the level of parent engagement across America. An additional goal is to close the achievement gap by active financial commitments to school districts. There contribution is important because in the current economy it is difficult for schools to keep pace with the cost of educating students. Many of the large school districts are severely underfunded and they are laying off teachers and closing buildings.

Title I and similar programs need increased funding. Students need innovative teachers and teaching strategies in order to succeed. Too many students go from grade to grade without learning the fundamental skills that will help them to perform at high academic levels. Teachers can be a great asset to students when they connect with their students and parents each time that they start a new school year. Parents can also contribute in a significant way by creating a great learning environment at home. Title one is committed to helping schools to make better connections with parents and students who are in the community.

It is essential that schools become a learning environment where students become independent researchers of new knowledge. The use of technology is causing tremendous changes in the way that teachers and students share knowledge. We need to ensure that low income students are not left behind. Students need to have the secrets to success early during their academic experience. So schools must incorporate parents if they are ever to feel like partners. Some schools are already implementing innovative strategies to keep active parent involvement. These programs have included hiring parent leaders to work in the schools, after school workshops and other activities throughout the year. These changes are essential since many parents do not feel connected with their local school.

School districts need to shed the perception that they do not want parents involved. Teachers and parents have discovered that a lot of student support can be developed when there is a similar education mission. Title I was written to reinforce the need for strategic activities that will change the way that low income students view education. The United States cannot afford to let millions of citizens live without sufficient education. The number of schools where students are not performing at high levels needs to be diminished. This change is difficult when states are not able to invest in their own education system.

During these challenging times the message needs to be loud and clear that students are still suffering due to their economic circumstance. Parents of low income students are often the first to be fired during a recession. This makes the education crisis in the low income community even greater. Some youth may give up hope that they can ever obtain an education that will take them out of their community. They need to know that they can have a career where they can use their education to pursue post secondary education. The funding that Title I provides helps to make change in our education system a greater priority for our nation’s future.

Improving and strengthening schools will require a concentrated effort on the part of school districts, teachers, parents and students. The school systems will continue to fall apart of the amount of resources and money stays stagnant. The best education must be accessible to all students. Our future depends on it. To access Title I student and parent resources visit