Monday, February 4, 2013

How to Become a Scholar Athlete

Succeeding as a scholar athlete requires devotion to academic excellence in the classroom.  The value of having scholar athletes on a team is often missed.  There is a conflict that can occur when the coach’s agenda and the student’s academic goals are not on the same page.  A scholar athlete must be able to make wise decisions that involve their future.  A scholar athlete can have the better of two worlds because they are smart on the field and off the field.  These students are also a success because they have invested in their academic dreams.  It is interesting to note that colleges reap the benefit of having scholar athletes on their team.  They can motivate their team mates and help them to excel in the classroom too. 

The NCAA is taking the academic performance of students seriously and they now evaluate how many athletes are graduating from college across the nation.  The academic success of an athlete starts during their K12 years. Colleges can help by setting high academic standards for the athletes that they plan on accepting.  Each K12 school could benefit by following the NCAA’s push for students who are top athletes and scholars.  Some colleges like to boast that they have the highest graduation rate in the region and they can play a role in changing the perception of the athlete’s intellectual ability too.

Becoming a scholar athlete is something that all college students should strive to attain.  Students should ask their potential college coach about their support programs and graduation rates.  The student should ask the coach about their philosophy regarding winning.  A coach should be honest about the number of students who actually become professionals.  When students hear this number it can reveal how much of a chance that the student will have an opportunity to earn the big money that professional’s make. A scholars athlete should look for a coach who places value on the academic development of each student.

A student who is a scholar athlete can have a great career working in all types of industries.  The leadership and organization skills that students develop while they are in college are priceless.  It is important that the scholar athlete continuously assesses what they are learning from their coach and teammates.  There are numerous lessons that can be learned from winning and losing and these can be incorporated as part of a scholar athlete’s professional development.  The college experience will only last for four years and having clear goals will help each athlete to stay focused. 

Each student is the captain of their academic destiny and it should be taken seriously. You will need the best education possible to graduate from high school and college.  Take time to write down your goals and maximize all that you can learn.  The scholar athlete must remain inquisitive and seek every new learning experience possible.  Learning can occur inside the classroom and outside of the classroom.  The scholar athlete can benefit from listening to guest lecturers who come to the campus to discuss their specialty. Use your high school and college experiences as a chance to uncover skills that open doors to new careers.  You should enjoy being a scholar athlete while also making your education a priority too. Dr. Stephen Jones is an educator, keynote speaker and author. He has written the Seven Secrets of How to Study, The Parent’s Ultimate Education Guide and the Ultimate Scholarship Guide.  Visit him at

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