Thursday, March 4, 2010

When Education Was King

Have you ever lost something? Just when you were about to give up you uncovered it in the first place that you looked. It was there all the time but you overlooked the one place that it should be. It seems that we’ve lost our drive for education. I remember when education was king all across America. The adults all over the country were talking about education and the importance of going to college all of the time. Lately it seems that the thirst for education has been lost to entertainment. Entertainment is viewed as a quick way to fame and fortune. I think America needs to rekindle an enthusiasm for education.

Americans need to revive the thirst for knowledge. It seems like education is on life support and fading fast. We cannot afford to continue to drift back word. Billions of dollars are spent on education every year and we need to renew the level of excitement of students and parents. Too often a good portion of the money that is spent on education fails to make an impact on communities. Education is one way that we can invest in creating a prosperous community

There are some creative ways to reignite the fire that once made education an important aspect of every conversation. How about asking everyone you know to turn over their unused books to students all across America. Their are visit to many homes where there are no books. Why not make them readily available and use social networks to discuss the values of these books. Parents need to spend more time reading too. When children see their parents reading all kinds of conversations can arise.

Why not promote science technology, engineering and math in every school. This is one of the best ways to enable students to be better prepared for the green jobs that are on the rise. These jobs will require future employees to have strong math and science background. We have an obligation to promote education in everyway that we can. How about sending out text messages with scientific facts and make it a fun contest. Let’s use this year as an opportunity to get back on course. There is a lot that we can do to make education a priority.

The local school is not the only place for education to occur. Parents play a key role in promoting education in each student’s home. Also relatives who are working in companies can encourage their nieces and nephews. This strategy really works. I communicate with all of my nieces and nephews while they are in college. It is important to keep them motivated when their education seems challenging. Adults must consistently promote education.

Why not use each day as an opportunity to restore the position that education held when it was king. There a millions of young people who need guidance and motivation to pursue their career dreams. They are asking what’s in it for me. The students want to know that their investment in studying and in learning new subjects will help them to land a job. Today it seems that a college degree is a standard for employment today. It is not clear that everyone realizes how much employment opportunities have shifted. Know is the time to take back the education that was tossed aside and to pursue new dreams of a brighter future.

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