Thursday, November 7, 2019

5 Ways to Inspire your Child

By. Dr Stephen Jones

Children need the guidance, caring and encouragement of a parent daily. Your words are power influences in a child’s life. 
Here are 5 things you can do:

1.Give them positive words of encouragement first thing in the morning. They are never to old for a kiss.
2.Pray for them and teach them to pray. Also encourage mindfulness.
3.Explore the world with them by taking them places outside of their community 
4.Get to know all their teachers and communicate with them daily.
5.Focus on healthy living. Make sure your child gets enough rest, eats healthy food, gets the best education and  focus on fitness.

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Sunday, September 22, 2019

10 Effective Ways to Inspire People Every Day

By Dr.Stephen Jones

The commitment to inspire people starts with an inner feeling of contentment. It is a willingness to share the joy and peace that is inside of you with others.  It is a desire to inspire others to dream big and to expect to accomplish great goals.  Inspirational people encourage people to believe that there is something greater within them.  Here are easy ways that you can raise inspiration level of others by 100 percent:
1. Be a joyous person and share encouraging words daily
2. Listen with focused attention on what the other person is saying
3. Don’t be moved by what you see
4. Other people don’t define what your attitude will be
5. Bring someone a gift that they were not expecting to receive
6. Tell people what you appreciate about them
7. Never, never give up on encouraging others
8. Try something new that you have not done before
9.  Go on a fitness walk at least three days a week to clear your mind
10. Listen to motivational videos

Someone is waiting for you to remind them that they are awesome and that they can accomplish great things.  You may be the first person that says something positive to them all week. You should be like the light that cast out the darkness of a challenging situation. Today is your day to inspire and uplift others. The best is on its way.

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Thursday, September 5, 2019

10 Back to School Study Tips

By Dr. Stephen Jones
The journey back to school is a time when students meet new friends and get adjusted to a new school environment.  The adjustment is not limited to K12 students there are changes for college bound students too.  Often after the first week students realize that they do not know how to study and they easily get behind on assignments. Going back to school becomes a burden when students realize how much work that they need to complete.  Students don’t realize that learning how to study is one of the best ways to succeed during the new school year.

For most students it is easy to discover how much they do not remember from the prior year. The first test score or quiz can reveal a lot.   It takes devotion to get back into the habit of studying.  Students who want the best grade realize that they need to hit the ground running.  They are ready for the challenge of a new school year and they are organized.  There are ten study tips that they have learned to use: (1) Manage your time with a written schedule, (2) get a tutor right away if you need one, (3) meet with your teacher/professor to get help (4). Start reading your chapters right away, (5) Read the chapter more than once when possible (6). Pick up other books at the library, (7)prepare for tests and quizzes five days before your test (8) research your course topics over the internet, (9) form a study group and (10) sit in the first two rows and ask questions.  Go into each school year prepared to learn.  The studying that you do prior to the beginning of school will help you to achieve better grades.  The best students focus on having a great awareness of all of the requirements for each course.

Take advantage of the technology that is all around you.  There are all types of gadgets that are essential for 21st century students.  Every student should have a laptop that connects to the internet and prints documents.  Some school systems are saving money by using laptop computers. They are reducing their paper consumption.  Consider purchasing an IPOD which can be used to download educational information.  There are programmable calculators that help with complex math problems.   There is also the new IPAD that stores books and provides access to the internet.  All of these technologies are converging to provide a wealth of knowledge for everyone.

The potential for independent learning opportunities is growing each year.  You can be successful when you go back to school by pursuing knowledge with other friends.  Make a commitment to forming a study group.  You can meet in person or over the telephone.  Hand out assignments by way of email.  Each person must answer the assignment questions.  Then set a time to meet in person or over the telephone.   A group that starts out with a strong effort by everyone will have a greater chance of lasting until the end of the course.

Students who want to have success on every test must be prepared.  Too many students who are in high school have a habit of waiting until the last minute to study.  Students need better organization and a time management schedule to plan study time for every test.     If you have a schedule you can study two or three days prior to your examination.  You can surprise your instructor when your grades jump from a “B” to an “A+.”    Improving your grades will give you greater confidence on other tests that you encounter.  It’s time to get ready for an inspiring school year full of outstanding accomplishments.

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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Successful Benefits of Teachers and Principals who form Great Relationships

In order to establish a successful principal and teacher relationship it’s important to begin with the end in mind.  The start of a successful principal and teacher relationship begins with ones expectations.  Great relationships are founded on good communication and trust. When there is a positive relationship both the principal and teacher have greater enthusiasm regarding each student’s success.  Today is an important day in the history of the principal and teacher relationship.  Schools have been an easy target for budget starved governments.  It’s time to be proactive in working together toward innovative leadership and instruction.

During the past few years, I witnessed the total reorganization of entire school districts.  The principals and teacher who were committed to a school for two or three years are changed with no warning.  Many principals and teachers must change in order to receive the same level of success that they experienced in past schools.  Starting in a new environment can be positive when the new principal and teachers work together.  A book that I suggest is “Who Moved my Cheese.”  It’s important to look at life from an opportunity perspective.  Each day is a chance to do better than you did yesterday.  When principals and teachers seek common areas of agreement much more can be accomplished throughout the school year.  The important thing to recognize is the value of making changes to lead your school in a new direction.

One key priority for the principal is establishing a sense of confidence in the school staff.  Each principal serves as a role model for teachers who aspire to become principals.  Good relationships are established when there is ongoing concern for the resources that will help teachers to be successful. The principal should find ways to interact with teachers throughout a week.  It may be convenient to work until the next meeting but addressing issues as they arise will make staff meetings less cumbersome.

The principal must have the same heart for the children as the teachers.  A principal who teaches a class during the year has a better awareness of the students needs.  This principal can collaborate with teachers who are providing similar interactions.  For example, a principal who is teaching one of the sections of Algebra I can get ideas from other teachers.  This will foster a greater sense of collaboration.

It’s important to have goals and objectives for the entire school.  The principal and teachers should come together to create goals and share ideas.  The summer should not be the last time that the principal, his staff and teachers meet.  Everyone in the school should be aware of the goals and objectives.  There should be some visible ways in which everyone knows that the school is making progress toward these goals.   During regular staff meetings the goals can be part of the ongoing discussion.

Finally, it is important to expect the best for your school.  When the principals and teachers are working together and they have high expectations for the student great things can be accomplished. The principal and teacher relationship is a key element of each school’s success.  Today students need schools where they can learn how their knowledge applies in their homes and communities. If you are interested in your students success starts with building a solid principal and teacher relationship.   Stephen Jones is an author, professional development presenter and national speaker. Invite Dr. Jones to speak at your conference or to present a workshop. You can reach him at 610-842-3843.

Sunday, August 11, 2019

How to Help your 9th Grade Students to Exel

By Dr Stephen Jones

The 9th grade can be one of the biggest adjustments of a students life. The expectations are so different from middle school that some students want to give up. An effective school principal and teachers must recognize the anxiety of a 9th grader and plan to reduce it. Believe in your students capability to have a passion for learning. Seek to create an excellent school environment. Here are some things you can do:

1.  Teach them how to study and to perform well
2. Give students one on one success meetings with the best teachers
3. Take them outside of school to see the world of work
4. Invite in interactive speakers to talk about their professions
5. Start an internship program for 9th graders
6. Specific tutors for graders in subjects where they frequently have problems 
7. Continuous information for 9th grade parents in a newsletter or blog
8. Show that you care and create class spirit
9. Tell them that you expect them to get a post secondary education and show them the way
10. Never, never, never give up on them

You can change your school by always seeking to innovate. Think inside the bust. What are the three most innovative things you can do for 9th. At a minimum have a suggestion box where they can anonymously share problems and suggest solutions. Each generation has its way of thinking. To get workshops for your students or parents contact Dr. Stephen Jones at or

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Success Strategies for Principals and Other School Leaders

Principals and leaders who spend time working on self growth are frequently rewarded. Students and staff need a principal who will take time to invest in themselves and their school. Leadership work can be  be very stressful. Here are some things you can do to  be an inspired leader.

1. Never give up 
2. Come to work prepared to learn 
3. Be a servant leader 
4. Care about all the students, teachers and staff 
5. Teachers are your partners not servants 
6. Pray every day for wisdom 
7. Work life balance works 
8. If you are married, happy wife long life 
9. Stay humble it works 
10. Create a culture of success by continually acknowledging the accomplishments of students, staff and faculty. 
There needs to be a change in the way that schools are designed. 
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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Why the New FAFSA APP Revolutionizes Financial Aid

The US Department of Education officially has launched its FAFSA mobile app to help students to complete and send the Free Application for Federal Student Aid form by way of their cellphones. Federal officials believe the app, named myStudentAid, will help to increase the number of families who apply for student financial aid. The FAFSA App is significant since there are still many students who do not have access to a computer in their home. The FAFSA form can be complex for scores of parents, who must answer more than 75 questions to complete the form. One key to success and obtaining financial aid is completing the FAFSA form early. The hope is that the App will decrease the parent’s apprehension about completing the form.

Why should the parent complete the FAFSA form on the App as soon possible? There are times when a parent will need to make corrections to the FAFSA application. Completing the FAFSA application early will provide more time for corrections. If you are a parent don’t give up seeking help from your school counselor. They may have knowledge of a FAFSA representative in your region who can help you. Most colleges rely on the FAFSA information as a resource that helps them to determine a student’s overall financial aid package.

The new FAFSA App gives parents the ability to enter their income information for one or more children. The students have their own section in the FAFSA application. Each student will have a unique way to enter their own information too. This is important since a family with two children may enroll in two different colleges. A family could actually sit down and work on their own information at the same as their student. The goal of the app is to make it easier to apply and to get increased participation. Some additional benefits include:

1.  A much easier application to complete
2.  The ability to register on cell phone that you carry in your pocket every day
2.  The federal tax documentation is already completed when the new FAFSA app is available
3.  The ability to get immediate help from a counselor
4.  An earlier notification of college financial aid packages 

FAFSA wants greater participation of all students regardless of their income.  Students who are first generation or low income seem to have the most difficult challenges completing three FAFSA form. If you fall into one of the two categories that I mentioned don’t be afraid to ask for help. There are school counselors who are focused on getting students prepared to apply for colleges using the common application. Finishing your FAFSA form early is one way to send a message to colleges that you are serious about getting enrolled.

The FAFSA office has come up with an App that will benefit everyone.  If you area college bound student, know is the time to complete all of the requirements of the FAFSA form. Don’t be the last to get the financial aid package from colleges that you’ve selected. Dr. Stephen Jones is the author of the Ultimate Scholarship Guide and the Seven Secrets of How to study at